November 13, 2008

Nancy Lapid's: 10 Guidelines for Hosting a Gluten-Free Guest

I am a big fan of Nancy Lapid, who writes for, regarding Celiac Disease. My favorite article, 10 Guidelines for Hosts with Gluten-Free Guests, is an excellent example. This is a great resource for friends and family who want to understand how to accommodate a Celiac's dietary needs.

It can be awkward trying to explain the issues of cross-contamination and not come across as a "picky" eater. Having an expert like Nancy explain all the issues helps people who are unfamiliar with Celiac Disease understand the importance of a strictly managed diet. Having her explain it also removes the potential for friction in relationships with people that you love.

For now, I take my own food just because I have so many dietary restrictions besides gluten, that I don't want to burden anyone with that chore. Getting together with people that I care about involves much more than the food we eat.

I look forward to healing and regaining more energy that will allow me to cook and take gluten-free food to share, but my energy is not predictable to commit myself to this.

I hope you enjoy reading Nancy's article and most of all I hope you have someone who loves you and accepts you just the way you are.

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  1. That's a very useful article. Thanks for sharing it.


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