January 7, 2009

The Simple Detox Cocktail Solution

I have been thinking about the New Year and I decided that my first post of 2009 should be a recipe that is completely healthy and healing. Last night before falling asleep I knew just what I wanted to share with you. This recipe could be the most important thing you do for your health...long term.

The Detox Cocktail recipe comes from my favorite health book, Detoxify or Die, written by Sherry Rogers, MD. It is a very simple solution to rid the body of toxins by targeting both phases of detoxification.

* a heaping teaspoon of Vitamin C Powder
* 300-600 milligrams of Lipoic Acid
* 400-800 milligrams of glutathione (in the form of Recancostat)
Have it with 1-2 big glasses of water

According to Dr. Rogers,

Not only does the detox cocktail help detoxify and get rid of all sorts of environmental insults, but it also helps dump out stored heavy metals like mercury. But this only happens once you have caught up and don't have any other chemicals currently to detoxify.

Scientists have shown clearly that environmental chemicals in the bloodstream oxidize or burn holes in our genetic material called DNA. This genetic damage from environmental chemicals leads to changes that cause cancer and other diseases. But glutathione and ascorbic acid have been shown to protect against this (Lenton, Heuser, Gregus). As well, a dose of 4-6 grams of vitamin C a day can cause tenfold elevation of the natural killer cells in 78% of patients (Heuser). Natural killer cells are our first line of defense needed to fight off infection as well as cancer cells. It's a win-win situation; there's no way you can lose by the daily use of the detox cocktail.
Since I have not confirmed the gluten-free status or personally tested all the supplement brands that Dr. Roger's recommends, I decided not to list them. There are more details in her book regarding the specifics of each product or you may contact me for more information. I use brands that are chosen by my naturopath to compliment my treatment. I like Pure Encapsulations Buffered C Powder, Designs for Health Lipoic Synergy, and Recancostat 100. These work well for me and are a fantastic starting point to better health.

Toxins are inescapable, but now you know that there are solutions. It is easy to see that detoxification is the key to prevention of many diseases.

My best wishes to you for a healthy New Year filled with love and great gluten-free dishes.


  1. Happy New Year. I look forward to reading more from you in 2009! Cathy

  2. Do you mix ingredients with the glass of water? What does it taste like, hard to swallow or not too bad?

    1. The vitamin C in this powdered form is the only ingredient put in the water. The other supplements are swallowed. Does this answer your question? So .. Taste is not really too bad.


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