April 20, 2010

Triumph Dining Guides Review

I have had the privilege of reviewing two excellent gluten-free resource books, Triumph Dining The Essential Gluten-free Grocery Guide and The Essential Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide. These two books are an invaluable resource for the newest gluten-free person, who is just learning the ropes of gluten-free, and anyone who wants to be informed about the gluten-free food they are eating.  The gluten-free food choices are continually growing and unlike the past where we could keep them all in our head, we now need books to hold this information. 

After many years of being gluten-free, I found that upon studying the Grocery Guide, I learned about many grocery store brands that I had never seen that are manufactured in a dedicated gluten-free facility. I am particularly interested to know of all companies that go the extra mile by having gluten-free facilities and gluten-testing of their products. 

Cross-contamination is a very serious issue when avoiding gluten and it is extremely helpful to have information to steer your purchases.The Grocery Guide gets top ratings from me with the simple to read "special" symbols which are listed beside each product to denote possible cross-contamination issues, procedures to mitigate cross-contamination, dedicated production lines or facility, and gluten-testing.

The guide stays in my car just in case I need it for shopping   Several times I have used the book to help refresh my memory when making my grocery list. I don't expect that was the purpose of the book, but just an added free bonus tip from The Gluten-Free 'Dish'!

I was very curious to see the Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide. After my first look at the the restaurant guide, I envisioned myself hopping on a jet and flying around from city to city tasting all the gluten-free fare. Alright, a girl can dream can't she?  Now, while I'm dreaming let me invite all my reader friends to meet me along the way! This would be so fun!  I'll keep those dreams tucked in my heart a little while longer since I have many other allergies to overcome before I would feel comfortable to do this. But, If you are just restricting gluten and a few allergens the choices of restaurants are amazing

Unlike other guides I have seen in the past, many of the restaurant guide entries have specific information listed from the restaurant chef explaining procedures that are in place to ensure a safe gluten-free meal. There are instructions to inform your wait staff when ordering a meal. It is like having a good gluten free friend, whom you trust, telling you where to eat. 

If you purchase one or both of these gluten free guides and do so through my blog links in my sidebar, I gain a commission for generating the sale.  Please let me know if you do, so I can thank you in person.  

Healthy wishes!



  1. Hi Debbie,
    I just found your sight and I admire your positive attitude! I am fortunate to only have to avoid gluten. Many of my celiac friends have multiple intolerances to deal with. I have both of these guides and I too appreciate the symbols in the grocery guide

  2. Hi Barb,
    It is wonderful to hear you like the books, too. And great to meet a new reader! The gluten-free community is like family and it's nice to know another person in the family!


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