September 8, 2008

Anna's Bread

Mmm...A loaf of hot bread just came out of my oven. It's delicious aroma has followed me up the stairs to my office. Mmm...I hope you can imagine it, because it is delightful. At our house, we make Anna's Gluten, Yeast, Corn, Dairy, Soy, Nut and Rice Free Bread at least twice a week. The soft texture with hot melting butter makes this a special treat.

There is no doubt that Anna's Bread Mix is the one mix that I would not want to be without. When my oldest son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, he had been taking his lunch, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, to school every day. That was all he wanted to eat. That didn't change, but it became a very stressful event making lunch in the mornings not knowing if the new store bought gluten-free bread would crumble on the cutting board, never make it in one piece to lunch, or worse to be spit out because it tasted like foam. This is the reality of Celiac Disease; to realize that my child and I would never eat gluten again. We wondered how we would keep our life "normal". Life was strangely not normal anymore. How could not being allowed to eat gluten and dairy change your life so much? How could we adjust to this new normal?

Well, in came Anna's Bread and I still am overwhelmed with thanks for her bread. She made our new normal even better than we could have imagined. Homemade bread every day, how could it get better than that? I'm getting teary-eyed just remembering those difficult first days and I'm thankful that God supplied all of our needs, especially the simple things.
Giving thanks for our daily bread has new meaning.

(Because my youngest son is allergic to rice, we make this bread with "lite" coconut milk. It tastes great and makes great toast, too.)


  1. How can I get my hands on the recipe for this? I would love to try it as my husband has been recently diagnosed with celiac and HATES the taste of the breads he has tried so far. They always fall apart and are very dry.

  2. Hi Anonymous, You would need to purchase a bread mix from Breads from Anna. It comes with a recipe on the bag. Hope this helps you.


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