January 8, 2012

Making Diet and Life Changes for Better Health

When I first began thinking of a title for this post, I laughed and thought to myself, maybe it would be better to title it "My Grain-free Trials!"  The past year has been a year of overcoming many obstacles.

But, getting right to the point, the traditional gluten-free diet that my family and I had been eating had not given us the health that we were seeking.  I knew there had to be a better way to regain our digestive health.

The first step in making life changes is realizing something needs to change.

There were many things I wanted to change. I had chronic sinus congestion that was very stubborn which I know in most cases is usually yeast related.  I began to feel really tired and run down, as if I had an infection daily.  At this point, my body was not responding to the herbs and tinctures that usually brought me around. Many days my face felt swollen and puffy.  My son and I were both experiencing  nutritional deficiencies. These symptoms were troubling because we were already eating gluten-free and taking supplements. It was evidence that our guts had not completely healed. I decided that we needed to make changes to what we were doing. 

If we continued to do the same thing it would be silly to expect different results.

It was time to take our diet to another level and make the changes to be grain-free. Even though I wasn't sure how I could make more diet changes, especially for my children, I decided to do this for my own diet and then gradually introduce these to my children.  

A visual image from an article, "How to make life changes — becoming the person you want to be" written by Marcy Holmes, Women's Health NP  shares Prochaska's six stages of change that I kept in my mind as I moved forward to make the changes needed to restore our health.

If you are in the midst of change, you may see yourself somewhere along this path,  too.