December 4, 2012

Toxic Slippers and the "Less Toxic Guide"

Once I heard that if you pay attention to the things that stir you up or upset you then you will find your passion.  I must say that I am passionate about spreading the word about environmental toxins.  Maybe you do not notice them as I do, but realize that the toxins in our environment are seriously dangerous to our lives.  There are 48 million people who have connected the dots with toxins and their health complaints and consider themselves to have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities or MCS.

I stand on my "soap box" today and tell you there is a high price to pay when we take the easy road when chemicals are involved.  Toxic chemicals bio-accumulate in our bodies and produce disease.  Our bodies were designed to detoxify, but with the pervasive abundance of unsafe chemicals we are exposed on a daily basis, it is evident we all must be vigilant to reduce our toxic burden in order to have the most abundant health.

It takes time and energy to seek out natural sources that are safe if you have chemical sensitivities or are trying to avoid them.

I understand the need, at times, for something to be done fast, but all too often it is not the case, but just taking the "easy" way out.  How many times have we taken the "easy" way and exposed ourselves to toxins?

Just last week we had the exterior of our house power washed and the chemicals overloaded me, so I have been working to detoxify my body with specialized nutrients, sweating in the far infrared sauna, reducing my total body load in my safe "haven" with my Austin air purifier, plus rehabilitating my nervous system with Quantum Neurology, the most awesome technique I have ever experienced.

On Sunday, however, a few minutes in my safe " haven" did not turn out as I expected.   It was baffling to me, so I left the room and thought straightening up the house would make it go away. Usually, moving my body helps me to feel better, but not this time.  I took my best detox nutrients and returned to my "haven" only to continue with the worst foggy brain.  As I sat on the bed struggling to focus and read I spied shoes....bedroom slippers to be exact, that I had gifted my husband last year at Christmas.

Those shoes had been very difficult for me to tolerate last year and they have spent 11 months in "exile "in our garage airing out. Only they never did! My sweet, unsuspecting husband had no idea when he left them near his closet that I would be made ill by them.  I immediately removed the shoes and my brain fog began to clear, although it took a while for me to recover.

I ask you...What toxic chemicals belong on house slippers?  Isn't my brain and cognitive function more important to protect than slippers?

While it is not possible to escape all toxins in our world we can make the effort to seek out safer  products, but I am most excited to share the do-it-yourself recipes listed in the Less Toxic Guide that I am sharing with you today.

I step off my "soap-box" now and leave you with this comprehensive  Less Toxic Guide to help you to live less toxic in our toxic world. 


  1. I too have been doing a lot of detoxing lately. You should see some of the toxins coming out of my. My mouth has been a mess around my lips for about a week or son now. It is finally settling down and things are getting back to normal.

    Hope you feel well soon.

    1. I am so glad you are healing. My doctor tells me that our skin is the largest organ of detoxification so it stands to reason you would see results as you detox. I have had a rash on my arm as well and hoping it goes away soon!

  2. Thank you for this very important post, Debbie! I have experienced a lot of toxins in my work place the last year as mold was discovered in the walls, renovations were being done (which brought more toxins in the form of paint, drywall, etc. And it's hard to fight the toxins just in every day life, walking into gift shops, opening magazines with perfume inserts, etc. I haven't worn slippers in years. I wonder if intuitively I knew that they were carrying toxins.

    Debbie, I hope you recover quickly. I so know that horrid brain fog feeling (and everything else that usually goes with it) that one can just not shake. :-(

    Will share this post on FB later. Thanks, dear! xo,

    1. Shirley,
      Mold is very serious and toxic! I am so glad that it was discovered, but wow, what a mess to have to renovate and deal with more toxins. *sigh*

      Yes, you are very intuitive to not wear slippers. I do not have any either....I look every year and dream of warm non-toxic slippers....but for now, I will stay safe in my warm Hannah Andersson socks. ;)

      Thanks, Shirley! It makes me feel better to know someone else who understands.

  3. Debbie--Just saw this article on the tie-in between such toxins and food allergies. Not a surprise, but further proof of how devastating these toxins can be to our bodies.


    1. Shirley - Thank you for sending the link for everyone to read.
      Amazing that the increase in toxins is relating to food allergies. So interesting...


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