August 26, 2009

Planting Seeds of Health

For the past months I have been focused on restoring many seriously low nutrients. I have learned that my body responds best to powdered formulas of essential amino acids, nutrients and minerals. The powdered forms are more readily absorbed and have begun to resolve many chronic symptoms.

My sleep, which is the first and most important issue to resolve for chronic fatigue, is being restored. I am now consistently able to wake up 2 hours earlier than a few months ago. I am beginning to see a little more time on the end of the day. I know from experience, however, that I need to be patient because a harvest comes over time

I like to visualize the story of the farmer planting his corn seed in the ground. He carefully waters and feeds his seed and waits. He may not see any visible evidence that anything is happening, but he has expectations that the corn seed will grow. Soon he will see the sight of the blades pushing through the dirt, and experience the joy of knowing that his crop is on the way.

The farmer continues to water and care for his plants by staying consistent
with the correct form of nutrients and does not rush the process. When he sees the blade come up it isn't time to harvest. He must wait for the plant to become fully matured and then his delicious sweet corn will be ready to eat.

During part of this process, the seed has spent time in the darkness of the dirt, but while in that dark place, it must reach for the light as it is being prepared for its created purpose in life.
Many times I have felt like that seed spending time in the dark not knowing exactly what was going on. I needed to keep my focus on reaching to the light of the world, my heavenly Father. I have stayed focused on His Word, which is healing and health of all my flesh (Proverbs 4:22), while I watered and fed my body with the right nutrients.

I keep this story in my mind to remind myself that as I see the blade of my health, I rejoice and give thanks, but it's not time for me to harvest. Too many times I have tried to rush the process and easily overloaded my system by pushing it farther than it was ready for. My body is like
the stalk that must be nurtured and cared for. I must patiently continue to restore my body and follow through until I have the "corn". I am amazed at the changes in my health with these amino acids and nutrients, but I must keep doing what I'm doing and in due season I will reap my reward.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story! Isn't it like this with all things in life...put in the work and wait for the harvest? I like how you explained that. So happy to hear you are healing! :)


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