June 19, 2011

Honey Sweetened Marshmallows - Allergy-free

Each year my boys look forward to spending  time with their cousins and grandparents at Lake Gaston. This year is the first year for both boys to go at the same time.The weeks beforehand I  plan and prepare allergen-friendly meals for them to take along. The menu changes each year, but one thing for sure to be on the list is Smores. 

 In the early days, I special-ordered allergy-safe marshmallows, made gluten-free graham crackers and melted Enjoy Life Chocolate chips to make chocolate bars.

This year I decided to send my adapted version of Kelly's grain-free chocolate chip cookies instead of graham crackers and fill them with the new Enjoy Life Foods Mega Chunks in place of messy chocolate bars.  It was much easier for the boys to handle while sitting near the hot fire.

In the  past, when I made homemade marshmallows, I sweetened them with agave nectar, but they didn't hold up well in the fire.  This year I wanted to re-make them with honey.  We don't use agave nectar anymore.for health reasons. I did a little searching in hopes I would find someone who had already forged this path.  I was thrilled to find  that  Zoe of Z's Cup of Tea had successfully tested her marshmallow recipe with honey. The only change I needed to make was leave out the vanilla.  I would recommend using the candy thermometer to be sure you get the correct temperature. 

This week the real test came when my campers put these marshmallows in the fire.  I am hearing good reports that these turned brown with only a little bit of melting.  Overall a success!  

We think  these marshmallows are really delicious and not too sweet.  They were super easy to make with my KitchenAid Stand mixer, the wire whisk attachment and my favorite 10 year-old assistant.  We had SO much fun. They whipped up really fast! Much faster than my previous recipes. This is absolutely a kid-friendly recipe.  Your kids will love watching the liquid transform into these fluffy delicious mouthfuls just as mine did.

I believe that these homemade marshmallows will not be just an annual treat in the future. ;)
Thank you for a great recipe, Zoe!

The hands of my "Favorite Ten Year Old Assistant" with photo setup to make them just like Zoe's!

Click here to leave my site and see  Zoe's Honey Sweetened Marshmallows recipe.

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  1. Debbie, these look wonderful. I am linking this to several friends and family that have been looking for an alternative marshmellow. Thanks.

  2. I'm so excited that you made Zoe's recipe! They look great. :-) I love cookie S'mores. They totally trump regular S'mores in my opinion. ;-) Hope the boys enjoy them and you all enjoy more of them this summer. Well, really that's a given ... as long as you make them!


  3. Love the pictures! Those marshmallows look amazing. I am excited to see this recipe. We haven't found any allergy-free marhmallows that we could give Sophie and I thought that "homemade" marshmallows had eggs in them. Now I see that doesn't have to be true.

    I will try this after I order the organic gelatin that I found.

    Does the honey have to be liquid? We use a raw honey and it's not liquid but I could melt it before putting it into the recipe.

  4. Cathy - I'm glad to help. We really love Zoe's recipe.

    Thanks, Shirley! I like your opinion that cookies trump the graham crackers! The boys liked them, too. It might be hard for them to remember from last year but I was told they just needed more marshmallows!

    Hi Heather - Today while I was washing dishes it occurred to me that maybe you could make these for Sophie. The honey is heated so your raw honey will work!

  5. Wow, these look amazing! I've never made my own marshmallows before. What a great treat to be able to make for your kids :-)

  6. Debbie ... I am trying these this week. Your batch was proof that the recipe works. They look great!!!



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