November 11, 2009

Mom...what can I have for breakfast?

I don't know if your family is like mine, but what I serve for breakfast is probably the most important decision I make that will determine how well my children feel throughout the day. They require good protein, so I like to make eggs, homemade sausage and my 14 year old loves to be independent and cook his own organic grass-fed hot dogs. They love breads, pancakes and french toast, but frankly these just are not sustaining unless they have a good amount of protein to go along with it. Many days, just as I would get the kitchen cleaned and sit down to begin our home school lessons, I would hear the words.."What can I eat?" Today was one of those mornings where my 9 year old son seemed to be a "bottomless pit". He ate a 2 egg omelet, soaked muesli with pecans, frozen cherries, and a Peanut Butter and Jelly Larabar for breakfast. I expect he is having a growth spurt!

Recently, I was searching for new ideas for a quick and healthy breakfast and found Bob's Red Mill Gluten
Free Whole Grain Millet Grits/Meal. My kids had never eaten grits. Grits are such a Southern tradition. How could I let them miss out?

I loved them!
I think they taste even better than the corn grits I knew and loved as a child. My oldest son was not as excited about them as my youngest, who really loved them. My husband got the leftovers and made "mmm" sounds as he ate them. My only regret is not ordering more bags, because now they are almost all gone!

Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Millet Grits/Meal (Certified Gluten-Free)

Follow the Cooking Instructions on the back of the package:

Bring 3 cups water and 1/2 teaspoon salt to a boil.
Add 1 cup of Gluten-Free Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Millet Grits and reduce heat.
Cover and cook for 10-15 minutes. Stir occasionally.
Makes 4 servings.

or as I make them:
I make 2 servings, which is half the recipe, and mine were cooked in about 5-7 minutes. We add Earth Balance Soy-free Natural Margarine and 2-3 drops of SweetLeaf SteviaClear Liquid to sweeten each bowl and then top with pecans. Sometimes, I allow a little honey which adds more sweetness and my boys really like it.

So if you are like me, looking for new ideas for gluten-free breakfast, you might like to try the Bob's Red Mill Millet Grits.

What do you like for breakfast? I would love to hear your favorite ideas.

For more breakfast ideas visit The Gluten-Free Homemaker, who is hosting the blog carnival Breakfast ideas: What can I eat that's gluten-free?.


  1. When I was a teenager my dad must have been feeling sentimental about his youth and wanted to have grits like his mom made. So, after talking about how wonderful they were all the way home from the grocery store, he made them for us. They were good, but nowhere as good as he made them out to be. I still remember how excited he was to be sharing a food from his youth with us. It is a happy memory.

    Your house sounds like ours - the kids are always hungry. I probably need to think more about their breakfast, it has kind of been neglected for a while. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Cathy,

    The story of your dad sharing his love for his mother's grits is very sweet. I like happy memories like that.

  3. I haven't seen those grits, but I really like their Mighty Tasty Gluten Free Hot Cereal. It is a bit like grits and has a number of grains in it.

    We use lots of eggs here. We like turkey bacon too. My oldest eats three eggs before he goes to school (college).

  4. I've never tried this before. It looks like a nice hot breakfast for a cold winter morning.I'll have to look for these. Thanks

  5. Hello,

    My name is Carla. I'm new to the gluten free *blog world*. What a wonderful space here. I am looking forward to sharing resources.
    What time is Breakfast? Haha


  6. Wow, I have never heard of these. I am off the grains right now but will give these a go when I go back to them. I have never seen them in stores - sounds like you ordered your's?



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